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Need a repair? RHK has you covered

From leaky seals to complete rebuilds, RHK can have your cylinder remanufactured and back to you in short time. Your cylinder will be completely inspected and a repair estimate will be provided for approval before we commence repairs.

this can occur due to seal materials deteriorating over time, cylinder cycles, fluid temperature, fluid condition & condition of the cylinder components. Cylinders do not usually fail from this cause. However this is the usual symptom of the problem.
Most cylinder rods are polished & hard chromed, any deterioration of the finish or straightness will cause seal failure & external oil leakage.
Most cylinder bores are honed to Ra8 to Ra16 Micro finish & a .1mm or .004 inch diameter tolerance. Any deterioration to Surface finish or Dimensional Clearances will cause Internal Oil Leakage & the cylinder may not function at full efficiency.
Cylinders usually require mounting. Some styles incorporate threads, pins, trunions, tabs, bolts, bearings or bushings as an example to attach the cylinder to the mechanism that they are operating. Failure of any of these devices can stop operation of the cylinder.
All cylinders require flanges, couplings, & fittings as a method of receiving oil flow from the control system. Failure of these items will cause failure of the component.
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Hard Chrome Plating

RHK offers in-house Hard Chrome Plating up to 40′ in length and virtually any bore size.


RHK offers in-house Honing services up to 24′ in length and up to 22″ bore.

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